Animal Medical Center:

Healthy Living for Your Pet

Animal Medical Center of Hebron understands the unique relationship between you and your pet. We treat your pets like our own and offer compassionate care from early life stages into adulthood and geriatric care. 

Dr. Williamson Newsom -  veterinarian and owner, is a Purdue University graduate and has over 45 years of experience in small animal care.  Dr. Kristin Fausset is also a Purdue graduate and holds a special interest in dermatology. She joined our staff in February 2012 and is now a full-time associate.  AMC welcomes our newest associate, Dr. Jeremiah Bieszczak, who joined us part-time in August 2013.  He is a University of Illinois graduate and has experience in emergency and general practice medicine for small animals.  



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May 15th - Feline Spay & Neuter Day

Do you have a cat that has yet to be spayed or neutered? Mark your calendar, our annual Feline Spay & Neuter day is on May 15th!  

Surgery costs will be reduced by 50%.

Cat spay = $100. Cat neuter = $75.

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Beware of Chemical Hazards



Wintertime presents chemical hazards to pets that you should be aware of!


  • Antifreeze

   -  Even a teaspoon of this sweet-tasting bright-colored liquid can cause an animal's kidneys to shutdown.  Make sure your pet has no access to spills of leakage of this potentially deadly chemical.

  • Winshield Wiper Fluid

   -  Wiper fluid contains Methanol and Ethylene Glycol which are toxic to animals.  Ingestion can lead to vomiting, lethargy and seizures.   

  • Ice-Melting Salts

   -  These types of salt stick to paws and can cause painful tissue damage.  If your pet is exposed, make sure to wash his feet to prevent harmful effects.

  •  Rat Poison

   -  Rodenticides can contain different harmful, toxic ingredients that can be life threatening.  If your pet has ingested such a substance, it is best to contact your veterinarian immediately and obtain the product packaging to identify the product's ingredients.



Are you unsure if your pet has come into contact with a toxic substance?

Financing available!


  • Make payments with no interest if paid within 6-12 months!
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